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If you are in Ormond Beach, and are searching for “RV storage near me” or “Boat Storage” come and take a look at our new facility.

Our RV Storage and Boat Storage are conveniently located on US1 in Ormond Beach, close to the I-95 exit.

Some of the features that make our RV and Boat Storage a great choice are the following benefits.

Easy in and out

There’s nothing worse than having to make tight turns when moving your boat or RV in and out of storage. It adds time and stress and can lead even to damage to your prize possessions. That’s why we made sure it is easy to come and go from our facility. From the large security gate to the wide aisles and angled parking, you will find it very easy to move your RV or boat in and out of our storage facility.

Ice and Propane available on premises

When you store your boat or RV at our RV storage facilities you don’t need to make an extra stop for ice or propane. They are both available right on site so you can get hooked up, and on your way, quickly.

Water hose for rinsing your RV or boat trailer

Boats and RVs both benefit from a good rinsing after they are used.

RVs collect a lot of dust and bugs and other dirt riding around. When it is time to rinse it off, you can do it right here at our RV storage facility.

Some boat ramps in the area have hoses for rinsing the salt water off of your boat and trailer, but that can mean a lot of time waiting around for the boats in front of you. With a hose right in the boat storage facility, you can just trailer your boat back and wash it and the trailer here at our boat storage, no waiting.

And did we mention it is secure?

Of course, none of those other things matter if the RV storage and Boat storage are not secure. that is why we have state-of-the-art video security systems with views of every inch of the property, along with high-security perimeter fencing protecting the storage facility.

24-Hour access

We know you may need access to your RV storage or Boat Storage facility at any time day or night. That is why we allow you to access your space twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Make an appointment for a tour

So if you are searching for RV storage near me, or boat storage, or any other phrase along those lines, please consider making an appointment and touring our new facilities. They offer easy access, super side aisles and angled parking to make getting in and out super easy. We also have an ice machine on premises, so you don’t have to make that extra stop. A propane filling station and an air hose on premises.

Add all of that to our location with easy access to US1 and I-95 and you can see there are a lot of reasons to choose Boat and RV storage in Ormond Beach, FL to securely store your Boat or RV.



Boats and RV Storage FL

Our facility is conveniently located close to I-95 on US 1 in Ormond Beach. If you are searching for “RV Storage Near Me” or “Boat Storage Near Me” check out our photo gallery.

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